A sewer backup is anything but pleasant—the foul odors and terrible mess have to be addressed immediately, putting your business on hold and potentially causing residential and customer complaints. Tierra Environmental has the equipment and trained personnel to tackle these problems as soon as they happen.

Our sewer cleaning professionals handle everything from root cutting to mechanically rodding interior drain lines. We can even perform hydrojetting for your sanitary systems and clean catch basins. Tierra is equipped to handle any job, including:

  • High Velocity Jetting 
  •  Root Removal
  •  Grease Removal
  • Industrial, retail, restaurant, and residential sewage
  • Municipal sewers 

By using our state-of-the-art power rod tool and hydrojetting system, we remove all blockage, so your sewer system is clean and free of interference. Our vacuum trucks haul the waste away, letting you get back to business.


If you’re unsure of the cause of your sewer system backup, our televising crew will find, record, and show you the problem so it can be fixed before it becomes an emergency. Sewage and storm drains can be cracked, clogged, or loose, and the only way to know for sure what is causing the problem is through our high-tech video inspection.Tierra Environmental’s Digital Television Inspection Services include:

  • State of the art camera with high resolution and full pan and tilt features
  • Storm or sewer inspection through any pipe size 2” to 192”
  •  Video inspection day or night  24/7/365
  • Instant voice video, still shots and reports on site to verify your problem
  •  NASSCO certified technicians give you professional results every time
  •  Highest quality service at very competitive rates

If you’re unsure what is causing your blockage problem, utilize our video inspection services so we can restore your system to its full capacity and prevent future problems with your sewer.

Areas Served:

Midwest, E. Chicago, IN, Chicago, IL, Chicagoland and Surrounding Areas

Video Inspection and Sewer Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL

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