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The food service industry is fast-paced and relies heavily on efficiency.  A clogged grease trap can halt a restaurant in its tracks. In order to continue high productivity, regular grease trap cleaning is a must. 


Grease traps exist to keep fat, oil, and grease out of the sewer lines. As water drains, it is routed to the grease trap, allowing the water to cool and the grease to separate and solidify. If these materials get into your pipes, they can quickly cause clogs and back-ups which can shut down the facility until the clog is removed. While grease traps alleviate a lot of these issues, eventually they can start to fill and cause serious issues, such as:

  •  Foul odors 
  •  Customer complaints
  • Back-ups and flooding 
  • Contamination and health issues 
  • Business closures
  •  Expensive remediation services 

Tierra Environmental has vacuum and tanker trucks equipped to perform grease trap cleaning on traps of all sizes. We also have a dedicated maintenance program that schedules regular cleaning to prevent issues with your grease trap system. We have performed cleanings for all kinds of commercial establishments, including: 

  • Restaurants
  • School cafeterias
  •  Hotels
  •  Golf clubs
  • Hospitals 
  • And more

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Food service businesses in the Midwest and Chicagoland area require grease trap cleaning to keep things running. If there is a problem with this equipment,

Tierra Environmental will solve it quickly. 

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